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The title of this First Look review is one of the reasons my first time reading Roshani Chokshi was such a joy; throughout this introduction to 'The Gilded Wolves' I found at least four or five such phrases that I ran through my head, trying to memorize because I was too into the book to even grab up a piece of paper.

Original and intriguing, the world-building and characters presented in just the first 25 pages here are brilliant. I already worry about the fate of Severin and Enrique (and the description of the bear with the onyx teeth, or the quartz lion guard, were extraordinary, find Tristan and Zofia both endearing and charming, and from her introduction I was rooting 150% for Laila. In many cases to have so many characters introduced in such a short timespan could easily be an issue, but thanks to Ms. Chokshi each speaks with his/her own face and springs to life from the page ...

Even the unfortunate matriarch in the opening, destined to never make her event. Maybe more than anything else, I am completely caught up in the whole forging idea, and its roots in the Tower of Babel to it eventual spread to the West. How the powers of those with the ability to forge are all unique to the person. Already in love with 'The Gilded Wolves' and though heartsick if unable to win a copy and get it read long before the publication date, I will remember this opening sample and sure as hell get back to finding out what happens to these brilliant characters as soon as I am able. A fantastic job, from a new fan of a very talented writer! Can't wait to continue, SERIOUSLY worried about Severin!!