A Killer Opening—Literally!

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(Okay a killer opening, sort of—it was left ambiguous, and I need the rest of the book to find out!)

It's samples like these that make me excited for 2019! Everything about this sample drew me in—actually, I had already added this to my Goodreads months ago after reading the premise, because how could I not?! Not to mention the GORGEOUS, fitting cover that comes with it.

Somehow this sample exceeded my already high expectations. Like Laini Taylor's gift for storytelling, Chokshi's writing, too, has a lyrical, almost dream-like, magical quality to it. But if I'm dreaming, I never want to wake up!

I'm already intrigued by all of the characters, and even more enamored with the background setting of a fantastical, magic-filled France in the late 1800s. Add in the plot and it truly is a brilliant combination; it has all of the makings of an instant classic!

Though the team of characters and plot bring to mind Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows (which I also love), somehow this was still unlike anything I had ever read before, in the best possible way. I need the full book now!!