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Needs a different title; poor translation!

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I wanted to read this book because the main character seemed to be someone who not only had a secret in her family, but also was someone who was trying to prove herself - that she can be needed for a very important case.

I must admit, the translation and the formatting of this book marred the story. Again, I am aware it is an ARC but if the book had this many issues with the format an the translation that it actually hindered the story at times, well, we have some problems.

The story was inspired / influenced by a true story / real event in 1965. Some of the dialogue was actually taken from the testimony from the survivors. While that did make me emotional, I couldn't believe the crappiness of the story that surrounded it.

I was shocked that the main character bounced when her mother testified. I was shocked that she couldn't be strong enough and remain with the survivors since she spent the whole book indicating that she had to be there to translate their words.

What the fuck was up with her awful as fuck fiance? He was such an abusive ass to her, and when you finally find out why (but not the main character) everything makes sense or we can continue on? No. The guy literally tried to sabotage her job! He tried telling her that her life was to remain at home while they lived off his company and porked out children for them. No. He apparently killed a soldier as a boy who parachuted from a plane and he has been hiding this secret for years which is why he wanted to be a priest (still wanting? I never got a clear answer) and that it would atone for that sin.

I really think this story needs work, and while it could work as a very interesting film, it focused WAY too much on her personal life and the bite - the real reason the book was written - was lost in some soap opera fluff with the sister's affair and her shitty fiance.

Pass, guys, pass hard.