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Maybe too fast paced

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I started reading this story by reading an excerpt from Bookish First and knew that i had to keep reading. I have never read anything about the trials of nazi soldiers and the toll those trials took on so many who had done their best to move on with their lives, for better or worse.

There is a lot this author/translator did well in this story, but some moments were a little off. This story was fast-paced and i read the bulk of it in one sitting. However, it could have been plumped up to give more padding to some of the break-neck shifts which took place between scenes and in extremely sparse and awkward dialogue. There were moments when i think my head was actually shaking because of how fast something had been breezed through.

There are some really despicable characters in this book. Like, almost all of them. There are also some things that i don’t think i understand, like what had really gone on with Walter.

I do think this story is important, and it’s my hope that the problems i noted in this advanced readers copy have been smoothed over in the final version of the book. Although this is another WWII book in a long line of them, i think the story told here is different enough to make it worth reading.