Captivating and descriptive

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Although they say to “never judge a book by its cover,” it is always one of the first things I do! Looking at the cover for The German House, I am immediately drawn in because, without yet reading the description, you can tell this is a period piece by the woman’s hair and dress style. I also love, that by walking alone and carrying the items she is, you can tell this will be a strong female character.

Reading the description, I was immediately drawn in to the historical aspect of it. Not only is this book written from the perspective of the 1960’s but it will also touch upon the Second World War. I love a story that can expand through time.

Reading the first look, I was immediately drawn in. The author writes with such vividness, that I felt myself able to picture the scenes being painted for me.

This is a book I’d love to dive into. I don’t expect I’d be disappointed.