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I received an ARC of "The Genome Odyssey" from Bookish First. This book, while detailing in lay language the history and science of genomics, also includes many medical mystery case studies solved by genomics. Dr. Ashley's style is very conversational and he manages to break down complex science into understandable concepts helping patients and their families, making them seem very real and empathetic. His specialty is cardiology, however he covers how genomics benefit other specialties as well and change lives. He also discusses Covid 19 and related viruses and the future of gene therapies. I think many people will be surprised by how long this has been going on and how many therapies and treatments got their start through genomic reasearch. For example, messenger RNA used in the Covid vaccine has been studied since the 1990's and the genome of the virus was sequenced within weeks of the first case reports in China in December 2019.