Such an fascinating, incredible book

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This one took me a bit to get through mostly due to the subject. That's not to say it wasn't incredibly fascinating (it most certainly was), but in order for me to understand and really take in all that I was reading it was a book I couldn't rush through as I read. It's also a book now highlighted, dog eared, notes in the margin, etc, which is not something I normally do, but I found the info in this book pushing me to ask myself further questions (to look into later or for clarification) which I absolutely love when a book not only makes me think but pushes me to want to look even further, to know even more than simply what's written there. As a nurse and someone who has long been interested in this subject I feel it was easier for me to read and understand the content of this book, but for anyone who's new to this subject and has no medical or research background it may be a difficult book to start with. That said, I'd still def recommend it to anyone interested in learning more. The information within was accurate and went beyond anything I've found to read re this topic.