So Interesting!

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This book is an amazing tale for anyone interested in science. Dr. Ashley explains the tale of the human genome in a way that almost no prior scientific knowledge is required, just an interest to learn. This book is not dense, and is infused with many stories and experiences so it's not boring or dull to read. I am a pharmacy student, and I read this book right as we started a unit on pharmacodynamics (the study of how your genes affect medication use/dosage) so this book had perfect timing! It was so great to read about how this science was being applied in the field right as I was learning about it.
The genome is immensly fascinating, and I love how much this book focuses not only on how we made large discoveries, but also how those discoveries were being used today. It blows my mind how much we can learn from the genome and the insane mysteries they solved using it! Highly recommend for anyone slightly interested in genetics (no prior knowledge required)