Scientific Adventure

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This book explores the world of genome sequencing. From its earliest days as a technology many thought of as science fiction to an accessible tool for doctors, patients, and researchers to employ almost daily, Dr. Ashley details the many hurdles and triumphs the scientific community has gone through to bring the genome light. This book is extremely science heavy. Totally understandable given the nature of the content. However, I was quite impressed with Dr. Ashley's ability to explain exceptionally complex scientific procedures and processes in a way that the layperson can understand. The story did still get bogged down occasionally by jargon and terminology that was quite dry, but I did not feel lost or confused as I often do when trying to read science-heavy books. I greatly appreciated the use of metaphors to make the ideas accessible and understandable and have even used some of them myself when talking to others about the book!

Perhaps my favorite part was the inclusion of the stories of patients who have been helped by the ability to sequence their and their family's genomes. While I personally think it is a cool idea and would like to have it done, there are clearly tons of people who can immediately benefit from this technology and their ability to learn about their genetic makeup and target treatment to their specific genes. Some of the stories were truly mind blowing with regard to the things they were able to do and how they were able to help people (namely children) who would otherwise have had a compromised way of life.