Really Intriguing

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This is not a book in a genre that I typically enjoy. I am not someone who enjoys learning about science, but I was really fascinated by the concepts The Genome Odyssey discusses. Dr. Ashley was able to explain genomes in a way even I was able to understand most of the concepts he described, though I did go back and reread many parts to fully understand what he was talking about.

Genome sequencing in and of itself is an intriguing subject that baffled scientists for decades but was undeniable when similar cases continued to build on top of each other. Learning the history behind the discovery of genomes and how scientists worked to figure it out was really interesting, and I'm curious to know my own genetics.

One of the ways Dr. Ashley really drives home his point is through personal stories. This could have been a really boring novel, but instead, he created a memorable book with incredible stories about patients I can't even begin to comprehend. I've seen a few people in my life with similar genetic conditions, and I really hope science can continue to advance so we can understand these diseases and disorders better.