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This book is a collection of anecdotes about genetics. It covers stories about patients where genetics has been key to understanding, diagnosing, and ultimately treating people with genetic disorders and abnormalities. It also tells stories about advancements in the field of genetics and technology useful for genetic research and analysis. It explains some of the history of the field of genetics and the basics of what genetics is and how it is used practically in the modern world.

It’s in depth in a detailed story telling way, but not in a technically and scientifically detailed and specific way. Its made to be approachable, interesting, and understandable to the layman, while giving them an appreciation for the field of genetics. However, if you’re scientifically inclined or looking to learn about the science of genetics in depth, this book probably won’t get into the specifics of the science of genetics as and specifically how it works scientifically as much as you might want.