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Let me start this review off by saying that I usually am a complete nerd for medical stories / books / memoirs. So I was REALLY excited for this book by Euan Angus Ashley.

The Genome Odyssey was not exactly what I thought it was going to be. I think I started off with way too high of expectations of the book, and unfortunately........ I was pretty disappointed with what I read / finished off with.

Dr. Euan Ashley is a Stanford professor of medicine and genetics.

This book covers information about Human Genome Project which was completed in 2003. Because of amazing breakthroughs by Dr. Euan Ashley's team and others, the means of analyzing the human genome has become much more cost - effecient. The clinical testing is now down to rougly $1000 which is an amazing feat.

You'll read more about how Dr. Ashley's team was the first team to interpret a full human genome, how they broke records, and ways they've helped diagnose / treat patients.
The stories of the patients did intrigue me... but some of the other stories were a little difficult to get through with the scientific jargon. But that's just me. I believe others will truly enjoy this read.