Genome Book

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This book is a bit outside my usual genres, but I was intrigued by the description and I was not disappointed. It was maybe a little more heavy on the science than I needed, but it was also full of writing that felt like a person was just talking to me, not a famous doctor or scientist but just someone I’d bumped into or was friends with. There were even surprising moments of humor! And the anecdotes were full of relate able characters that were clearly seem as more than their disease or genetic defect. I would have liked even more anecdotes but I know that is me and my style preferences. It was fascinating to see how science has jumped leaps and bounds in just the last couple of decades. It was interesting to see how genome sequencing could be used to help figure out what was wrong and what kind of treatment would be effective. Definitely things I had never considered when he onslaught of various dna sequencing companies blossomed over the recent years.