Absolutely Brilliant

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I need to properly review this (this review is WAY overdue) but this book was released a while back and I really have to to say that this is one I highly HIGHLY recommend. If you're even the slightest bit interested in science, medicine, or finding cures really, I recommend picking this up. If you're interested in DNA, pick this up. If you're CURIOUS, pick this up. The book is written in a way that makes it easy to understand regardless of your background, which I really appreciated. I've also seen the audiobook in my library's app and I think that might be the best way to consume it if you can get your hands on it. Not only is it well-read, but it's read by the author himself (and he's got a lovely accent, which is always a small bonus I appreciate!). However, if you want to retain more, read the book. The information is plenty, the stories are beautiful, and it's just a book that will leave you in awe of science and technology as well as the dedicated people behind them.

Either way, I highly recommend this book and feel so lucky I was chosen by BookishFirst to receive an advance reading copy because this wasn't a book on my radar but I'm so glad I got to read it.

It's just incredible. All of it. More on that when I properly review this (hopefully soon).