Unpredictable travel through time

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True Rating: 3.5/5

Tess and her fellow Daughters of Harriet sisters are on a mission to protect women's rights in their future timeline.

Time travel! In this book, there are machines that are used to travel back in time. These machines have been in existence since ancient times and are a part of modern day research. Tess is part of a secret group that is attempting to edit the future. Each person in the group remembers a different time (for example one person remembers abortion being illegal everywhere while another remembers it being legal in some states). Yeah, it's a bit of a headache trying to understand how all these edits and traveling work. But it's fun trying to wrap your head around it.

There are also at least 3 different perspectives going on, which makes grappling the time travel stuff a bit difficult. There's our protagonist Tess, whom we follow on her time editing adventures. There is Beth, Tess's best friend in the 90's, and there are a few chapters from the view of some of the Daughters of Harriet.

Now, the not so fun part. This book is gruesome! It was completely unexpected. I'm okay with gore, but this isn't a book where I was expecting such brutality. I'm also not completely sold on Tess's fate. To me, again, this is ALL me, the end message is a bit sinister- it's okay to kill people whose beliefs don't coincide with yours. And that's not something I'm comfortable with. Even if it is to protect my rights and those of other women.

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