Powerful and Thought-Provoking

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Friendly trigger warning: sexual abuse, violence.

This review will likely be a mess because my thoughts are everywhere. I actually sat on this book before writing a review to really process my thoughts, but here we are and I still can't seem to get them together.
Short and sweet: this book is powerful!
It is incredibly thought-provoking with its commentary on feminism, women's and non-binary rights, and reminded me much of the Kesha song RWSM (listen to that song before reading this book!!) but a more in-depth look.
It's also horrifying - the time travel aspect is something that, if it were true, I would not want to be on this planet anymore. I think it's a huge reflection of what we are going through in the world today, to the point of being scary. Add time travel and it makes you wonder just how bad life could be if powerful men took control of the very existence of time and space. To be honest, this book seemed so real that I felt if I blinked I would be living in the world. This wasn't supposed to be a horror story!
I also loved how the two main plots weaved together (totally got blindsighted by the twist!), especially how the internal plot with Beth shed light on smaller issues women face.
It's so hard to say much about this book without giving anything away, but it was incredible. I'm so happy that I received an ARC and I will now proceed to tell everyone to read. this. NOW!