Worth the ride to get to the end

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Many thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy of this book! Opinions shared are mine.

I had a little bit of a struggle with The Fury. I compulsively read it during my first weekend off for Christmas, putting it down only when necessary (like when my kids insisted on opening gifts, but I really wanted to read.) I felt like I owed that to author Alex Michaelides, you know? In the end, though, I wasn't really sure I liked the story. The characters were hard to relate to, for one. After all, how many of us are friends with multiple celebrities -- especially ones who are so stunning that you can't look away from them, but it almost physically hurts to gaze upon their beauty? It's also hard to relate to the incredibly wealthy. I mean, how many of us can just call up a friend and hop on a jet to a private island? I read fiction because I like the separation of worlds from my own, but this was a bit too much.
Now, after some thought I ended up boosting my stars up to 3.5 instead of just 3, then rounding up to 4. The ending was pretty great, and definitely was not what I expected to happen. Even though it took a long time to get there, Alex delivered in the end. It's just that the final chapters were what I wanted throughout the rest of the book.