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Ooo, such a mystery. The prologue and Act 1 were story catchers. They hooked you in like you are fishing, but you don’t know what you have until you reel it in all the way. This little snippet makes me want to reel in this fish and find out who was killed and who did it. The author gives enough information to catch the interest of the reader without giving all the information. The setting and a couple of characters are revealed, but it is just a hint of information.
The other books this author has written have also kept the reader in suspense. He makes you think and second guess information, but doesn’t quite give out the information, so in the end, the reader decides which way the story should end. This story may not be the same way, but it is starting out that way and only reading the book will one find out how the story concludes. As of now this is a book I will recommend to others.