My least favorite of his 3 so far

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Thank you so much @celadonbooks for my ARC and audio copy of Alex Michaelides new thriller, The Fury! Set on a secluded private island, I knew that there was a storm and a murder, sounded like my kind of story!

As a huge Silent Thriller fan.. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. Unfortunately, this one fell flat for me and I landed at 3⭐️ when it was all said and done. The writing style is very unique, with the narrator “talking” to the reader to tell the story. Elliot, the narrator, is super unreliable, and I spent much of the book trying to determine if what he was saying was true (which I think was kind of the point) but just didn’t work for me. I also think doing the majority on audio worked against me, as I didn’t care for the narrator which made me dislike Elliot even more 🤣

Now all this being said, I’ve seen plenty of positive reviews of this one, so I would still say it’s worth a shot if you think it’s up your alley! And for everyone who hasn’t read the silent patient yet.. be warned, there’s a little spoiler in this one, so I would for sure recommend that one first, and especially because it’s AWESOME!