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Wow. I have never read anything with such an untrustworthy narrator! I don’t consider that a spoiler because he even tells you that he’s tweaked the story at times. You can trust no one, and nothing, in this story. You can barely trust yourself.

Elliot is our narrator. He’s telling us, the readers, a story about a famous retired actress named Lana.

Lana feels like the center of this story despite the fact that Elliot is telling the story. Lana is the star, she’s the circle that everyone else gravitates around.

Lana’s first husband was obscenely wealthy. Before he died, he bought an entire island in Greece. It’s a remote island and it has belonged to Lana since his death. No one lives on the island full time except the island’s caretaker who was hired by Lana.

Lana invites her closest friends and family to take a trip to the island. She brings with her Jason(her husband), Kate(her longtime friend), Agathi(her employee/friend), her son Leo and her friend Elliot.

One night, three shots are heard and a body is found.

It’s a hundred pages, about a third of the way, into this book before we discover who the body is.
Then we start to dig into who wanted them dead and why.
Everyone is a suspect. Everyone has a potential motive.
I did feel like maybe nobody had *enough of a motive * but that’s my opinion.

Even after we find out what happened on the island there’s a lot going on as far as why. It goes totally wild for awhile.

And ultimately we have no idea what to trust and who to trust (practically nobody!).

I’ll admit that I wish the very very ending of this book had been different, just the last few pages. But I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was very well written and kept me constantly guessing.