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This is not a whodunnit mystery novel. The narrator makes that very clear in the beginning. Despite that, I enjoyed the plot. However, I did not like the narrator very much. There's a fine line you have to ride when it comes to unreliable narrators that have a quippy/witty voice. Even if they're supposed to be despicable, they have to have some sort of likable quality to keep me interested. Unfortunately this book does not do that for me. The story was constantly jumping back-and-forth from past to present, making it difficult to comfortably immerse myself into the narrative. Every time there was a jump in time, it felt super abrupt. Also, the narrator broke the fourth wall a lot (I know this was a stylistic choice, but I didn't like it because I didn't like the narrator). Some might argue that the narrator is supposed to be unlikable, but I didn't even enjoy hating the dude. He was simply annoying.

TL;DR: The plot and story was good, but I did not like the voice it was told in