I am intrigued

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I am intrigued by the set up of the book and the dialogue so far. The author used humor in the first section to grab the readers attention to pull them in. The narrator is part of the story (& murder) but also speaking as if she is talking to a friend.

There are 7 main characters and I'm curious to see who the main players are in this mystery as it unfolds. I wonder if each character will get their own chapter or how the author will organize the rest of the book.

I do know the book will be broken into "Acts", as the narrator is a screenwriter. The narrator says she will give details on the events leading up to the murder, the murder and the events that followed. So I anticipate there will be 3 Acts in this book.

From the first look I feel like this novel will be a mix of suspense and humor, which I enjoy and look forward to reading more. I feel like suspense books can use more humor to lighten the mood.