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I have read other books by Alex Michaeilides and thoroughly enjoyed them, so I have kept an eye out for anything new by this author.

The narrator, Elliott, is also the main character in the book. Anyone reading this will discover that fact fairly quickly. He lets you know early on that he has had a difficult childhood with abuse from bullies and family members. However, he has carefully worked since then to come across as a successful man who is intelligent and well used to traveling in circles with famous people. He also portrays himself as an honest man who will always tell the truth.But does he?

Other important characters include Lana--a famous actress who Elliott has been infatuated with since an early age, her husband Jason, and her close friend Kate another actor. The twisty story mostly takes place on a private island where Lana owns a second home. The setting adds a rather atmospheric touch to the story with the local local winds being a main factor. The characterization is also extremely well done with the small details that bring each of them to life.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book