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Like his past novels, Michaelides' latest is a fast-paced page turner. It's easy to get into and the short chapters actually make it harder to put down. A narrator you don't quite trust from the onset, characters who seem like they could be from Old Hollywood, and an exotic setting lend for the quintessential murder mystery.

A murder has been committed on a Greek island, and the murderer is among the guests. Sounds like the plot of Clue, but it's definitely darker. Toggling back and forth between the night of the murder and the past, we slowly (think we) learn about the victim and the possible murderers. But do we really know? Of course not. Twists abound up until the very end - nothing earth shattering, but enough to keep the reader guessing and reading.

Not as good as The Silent Patient, but better than The Maidens. Probably would be good as an audiobook too.