Another winner by Michaelides

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Whew, what a ride. Is this a murder mystery or is it a love story? Our narrator tells this story from a bar stool. He asks us to pull up a chair, grab a drink and settle in. The narrator will seem confusing at first, but just keep reading. Seven friends go to a private island where something goes wrong. Lana, a famous movie star,(I kept picturing Elizabeth Taylor in my head) and Elliott are best friends, and Lana invites Elliott and a few other friends to her Greek island she inherited after her first husband dies. She is with her friend Kate, her husband Jason, her assistant Aldelphi and her son Leo. Once on the island secrets begin to spill out. There’s no way to review this book without giving away spoilers so I’ll just say that this is my favorite book by Michaelides. This beats the Silent Patient, in my opinion. I couldn't put this book down once I started reading it.