I wanted more thrill

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As we follow Claire and her new life in Washington DC, things are not all they seem to be. When you're being followed by exactly the people you're supposed to be able to trust, how do you cope. Claire finds out that her follower, a supposed detective, is not who he claims to be. In between taking care of her grandmother and building a new life, she has to grapple this new threat.

The story starts out in a captivating way and sets up a cat and mouse thrilling chase but to me, fell flat as things progressed. Claire was not a likeable protagonist and her stalker is more relatable than her.

Additionally, this book is written in a way that is hard to follow with the vague flashbacks of timelines through the story. I hate when a suspense starts out so promising and doesn't hold up! Maybe I am also just a reader that avoids men writing women unless the man is Riley Sager...