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You know those books where every character you meet, you immediately don't like? That's what this book is like.
As we get to know the MC, Claire, we learn how deeply shaped she is by her grandmother's firm hand and sharp tongue. The very same coping skills that allowed Claire to grow up in an abusive environment now serve to keep others at a distance, even those Claire wants desperately to connect with.
Elements of paranoia permeate this book and if it wasn't for Claire's self-confidence, the reader may believe Claire is an unreliable MC. However, Claire is extremely competent and capable. We watch as she is propelled through a fast paced plot, having to think on her feet, and put the pieces of the puzzle together to understand how to survive. I like how no one else saved Claire. She used her intelligence to save herself. She did have the help of a somewhat gruff/loveable side character, who may have also partially served as comic relief. One aspect I really didn't appreciate about this side character was the commentary on his weight. The reader learns this character's weight has been a concern for him but then the MC refers to the side character as a giant during a moment of internal monologue, which made me uncomfortable and pulled me out of the story.
I was happy to see a measure of growth on Claire's part, as she manages the most extreme of circumstance, reflects, and seems to recognize her priorities. The reader is left with a sense that the MC is a better person now than when the story began and that her story may not actually be over.
Overall, this was an exciting, fast paced read that I finished in practically one sitting. I think this is an extremely easy to read thriller, especially for anyone trying to get into the genre.