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I was so excited to have won this e-book, but was disappointed in the story in general. It was cheesy, the characters were not likeable, and the writing was very elementary. It felt like I was reading a rough draft of what could potentially be a very exciting, thrilling story. The foundation was great, but it was just poorly executed. The main character, Claire, is essentially going backwards in her life, by stepping away from her future due to fear, and gets pulled into the middle of a situation that puts her life in danger. Half of the time, I was confused about what was happening, and how the characters ended up in one place. The chapters also ended very abruptly, as if the author decided he was bored of writing about that particular scenario. I was also very annoyed with Claire's insistence that she was not a "miss" but a "mizz." It came up several times throughout the book, to point where I was like, yes, we got it. Overall, this book has potential, I just think more editing and refining was needed before publication. It's rare that I don't like a book, and I had high hopes for this one, but it just didn't meet expectations.