Lots of suspense in just a few pages

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Claire is a take-charge kind of woman, the kind that doesn’t take anything from anyone, especially from her grandmother. Leona is still harsh and aggressive but she is not capable of staying in her home, so Claire has left her job in NYC to move to D.C. to get her grandmother settled in a care facility. Claire has left behind her profitable position and her boyfriend Peter, a man whose sage advice still lingers in her mind. Claire has noticed that she is being followed by a 1971 Town Car, no less. She doesn’t seem too concerned about that, but she is a little afraid when there may have been an intruder into her grandmother’s home. Then, there is the fact that her childhood friend Gavin died suddenly in a car accident right after sending her a thought-provoking text message. The scene is set and it’s all very dark and mysterious and inviting me to read the rest of the book!