witty, clever, and full of mischief

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Witty, clever, and full of mischief, THE FOWL TWINS is a spin-off of ARTEMIS FOWL that easily stands on its own. The Fowl Twins have just turned eleven, and they are quite different/unique from each other. However, this is part of what makes them such a great team.

One night, when they are home alone, they encounter a troll with a seemingly crazy story. This leads them on a crazy quest, complete with acronymed organizations, fairies, and nuns. These new characters and series easily stand on their own merit and are highly readable with or without having read the ARTEMIS FOWL series.

What I loved: There are so many clever phrases and discussions here that make the book rather amusing all the way through- even for adults. The plot flows well and everything is very well described, making the whole world and the mythological creatures come to life. The twins themselves are quite unique and endearing, making them perfect main characters for this journey. Fans of ARMTEMIS FOWL and/or middle grade fantasy will adore this new spin-off.

I will say that this book is better for older middle grade readers, due to length and some of the jokes and such that would make it suited to a younger YA/older middle grade crowd.

Final verdict: Full of wit and enjoyable characters, THE FOWL TWINS is quite the fantasy action/adventure, and I would certainly recommend for older middle grade readers. Whether you have read the ARTEMIS FOWL series or not, this charming book is a great journey!

Please note that I received an ARC. All opinions are my own.