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Nice Addition

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Like many others I grew up reading Artemis Fowl. When I found out Eoin Colfer was writing a follow up series following his younger twin brothers I was immediately excited.

I want to say that I loved it and can’t wait for the sequel, but unfortunately I can’t. I did like revisiting this world and enjoying the trip down memory lane, but I think I just outgrew middle grade reads. I feel like if I was back in middle school, staying up late, and reading with the flashlight on under my sheets I would have enjoyed it so much more and would have easily given it five stars.

This story start slow, but then we are taken on a really great adventure that is fast paced. We watch Miles and Beckett get into scrape after scrape, get to see some of Eoin’s trademark humor, and the villain was a nice addition to the story line. I would love for my kids to someday read the Artemis Fowl and Twin series because I think they would love of their adventures.