It was great, perfect for young readers

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I am a huge fan of the original Artemis Fowl books; I read them in highschool and absolutely LOVED Ary and Holly Short. I am painfully inpatient for the release of the movie this year, and was more than happy to get a fix by reading the new series of the Fowl Twins.

This was a fun book, and I think perfect for middle-graders, both boys and girls.

Personally, it fell short for me, I think I just have such praise memories of Artemis that I was playing the compare game too much.

This was still filled with lots of action! Despite being twins, Myles & Beckett could not be less alike. Polar opposites, they create a funny dynamic on their highly dangerous adventure to save magical creatures from those who would abuse them.

Perfect for young readers, the sci-fi element and technology is always well described and full of action and comical elements that really do make it entertaining.