A Children's Book with Dry Wit and Humor for Adults

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A couple of years ago, as an adult, I devoured the entire Artemis Fowl series and loved them. Mr. Colfer combines the world of fairies and humans with colorful characters, action-packed prose, and acerbic dialogue for highly entertaining reading!

When I found out there was a spin-off from the original series, featuring Artemis' younger twin brothers, I jumped on the opportunity! I was especially tickled to learn that Mr. Colfer based the twins' characters off of his own sons. The twins (very different but equally hilarious), along with a whole new cast of quirky characters, get into trouble and mayhem near the Fowl's new residence. A troll, a fairy and two dastardly villains carry the twins on an epic adventure across several countries, with enough twists, turns and sarcasm to keep people of every age riveted.

Eoin Colfer does it again! Another five stars for me.