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Truly an Entertaining Epic

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For anyone who is familiar with 'The Rabbit Proof Fence,' the book and film about early 20th century Australia's program of removing "mixed" (white and native Aboriginal) children from their Aboriginal mothers, get ready for an even more bone-chilling story because the evil takes place decades later. This is a book that I have recommended to friends and book clubs because it provides a sense of having lived through Spain's dictatorial Franco rule while also immediately pulling the reader into a captivating story of uniquely different lives. The reader senses the fear that grips Spanish citizens during an era of propaganda while their country's leader keeps company with other cold-hearted dictators who only care about staying in power at any cost. There is a character for almost any reader with author Ruta Sepetys's cast of characters. Ruggedly good looking Daniel is from a well-off Texan family. He is young enough to not be afraid to take photographs in Franco's Spain, and just inexperienced enough when it comes to evil governments to prevent him from initially realizing the danger. On the other hand, Spanish citizen Julia who repairs elaborate matador costumes knows she must keep her thoughts to herself. Nervous Ana who works in the fancy hotel where Americans pay the exorbitant room rates must walk with one foot on both worlds, remaining pleasant and supposedly carefree to the tourists but alert to personal dangers. The suffering is immense. Book clubs will have engaging conversations about governments gone wrong, the effort it takes to save a country, and the innocent lives that are lost in the process. I enjoyed this book very much!