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I never used to reread books. This book was the first time I did. I've read The Fountains of Silence maybe four or five times now? And I love it more and more with each reread.

“Silence has a voice of its own.”

Ruta Sepetys' writing is gorgeous, and it (as far as I know) does a wonderful job of capturing late 1950s Spain. Theres a general sense of creeping danger the whole time, and it never quite catches up to you.

“Some were desperate to remember and others were desperate to forget.”

This book is a stellar example of what historical fiction should be. I love historical fiction. It's probably my favorite genre, and The Fountains of Silence is some of the best I've read. It tells the story of the time, while still weaving in characters and plot lines. I loved the descriptions of photography in this book. They do so much to expand the atmosphere and characters.

Definitely a favorite of mine! 100% would recommend.