Loved it!

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This book really surprised me and has stayed with me for months after reading. I don't usually love historical fiction but this book was so engaging from the very first page - it was impossible to put it down. Rita Sepetys does an amazing job with the historical content and it really piqued my interest on the subject matter. I spent many hours reading about this period of time as I wasn't already very familiar with it.

The characterization in this book what so good. Everyone felt real and authentic, even the bit players. It really rounded out the whole story and drove a deeper level of engagement. The love story is heartbreakingly good. I felt for Daniel and Ana. I laughed with them, cried for them, and yearned for them to end up together in the end.

Lastly, I really loved the multi-POV tight chapters. It helped things move at a rapid pace while really driving deep quickly.

Highly recommend!!!