I need to read this book in its entirety!!

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This is a First Look Review

The Fountains of Silence takes us back to 1957's Madrid, Spain under the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco. In this excerpt, we meet five characters with whom we become familiar. Daniel, who is the son of an American oil tycoon. Ana, who is a hotel attendant assigned to Daniel's family. And Ana's sister (Julia), brother (Rafael or Rafa), and her cousin (Puri). Julia is a seamstress, Rafa a bullfighting promoter, and Puri works in an orphanage.

From this small sample of the book, I can see that Franco's Spain would have been devastating to the women of the time, as well as to those who were poor. Unfortunately, with not being able to get a good grasp of the book, I can't give much of a review. I can, however, say that it did catch my interest and it is a book that I believe that I would enjoy reading.