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Tom Collins. Daniel smiles.”
Historical fiction read for the win. It’s not a genre I read frequently but when I do I enjoy it immensely. And I’m learning that Ruta Sepetys is an author that doesn’t disappoint with her vivid depictions of a time and place that I cannot visit without a time machine and her research. You can tell by that she put a lot of time and heart into researching 1957 Spain for The Fountains of Silence. It was full of history from a time when Spain was under the rule of dictator General Francisco Franco. There are matadors, photography and a city’s dark secret.

📸 “Daniel snaps a picture.”

I loved Daniel and his camera and his secret meetings with Ana, aka Tom Collins. Along with the historical aspect, I enjoyed Daniel’s story. And how his first trip to Madrid shaped him, as well as the relationships that came out of it.

I would highly reccomend this novel to historical fiction lovers or anyone like me who doesn’t read it enough but is in need of a good recommendation.