Beautiful Historical Fiction Novel

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The Fountains of Silence is a beautiful novel about the post Civil War period in Spain, during the Francisco Franco dictatorship, and how sometimes, the only way to forget suffering, is through a pact of silence.

But what happens when the members of that same society decide to break that pact of silence? What about those who feel they have a duty to future generations and are aware that silence and oblivion can condemn us to repeat history?

The novel explores these questions through an impossible love story that leads some of his characters to risk their own lives in order to prevent forgetting to erase the suffering of the past forever.

It is beautifully written and the research made by the author is so deep and respectful, that it makes you want to know more about the Spanish Civil War and its aftermath.

As usual, Ruta Sepetys prose is flawless and the character's development brilliant!