Amazing and Powerful Story

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Wow! This was one of those books that just blows you away and leaves you with so much to think about. It was very well written, and I felt like I really knew the characters. They were also the character you root for and want to help them make good decisions throughout the book.

This was also a fairly long book, which I liked, because there was room for a lot of plot events and character development in the story. I really, really loved the setting, and was very surprised lo learn about the truly evil acts occurring in Spain. The author very well portrayed the classes well, for example how Ana really shouldn't have been socializing with Daniel, and how she was punished for that.

Another aspect that I think was valuable to the story was Daniel's photography. The way he needed to uncover and find the things going on so he could capture them really drove the plot along at some points.

Overall, this was one of the best books I've read in awhile.