A book I will remember forever!

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I loved this book so much that it has become one of my favourites this year. I couldn't put it down since the story between Daniel and Ana was so intriguing. I definitely recommend this book.

I love having the opportunity of reading this book for the second time as my buddy read with the bookish ladies club. This book has been very important to me because my family roots are from Spain. I can't help to feel the distress about what the people lived during the 20th century. This story is not only about Daniel and Ana, is about the orphans, Nick, Daniel's mother, Cristina, Prudencia, Rafa, and many more. Spain had a lot of Texans, experts on the oil business, after the Civil War it was necessary for the country to have investment opportunities, especially from a powerful country like the US.
Daniel's father is one of this oil businessmen, they stay at the Hilton Castellana Hotel, his mother is Spaniard, thanks to that he can speak the language. Daniel meets Ana, she works at the Hotel, in order to support herself and her family. Daniel wants to become a reporter, he brought his camera with him and plans to photograph not only the venues of Madrid but also the people, this can be a little dangerous under Franco's regime. Ana befriends with Daniel, she tries to make him understand what her family has been through, but destiny might have something different for them