Loved from the very first line.

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I loved this book from the very first line, “They stand in line for blood.” But honestly, I knew I would love this book as soon as I saw “Ruts Sepetys”. I read my first book of hers over three years ago, and it was “Between Shades of Grey” which to be honest, I have no idea why I picked it up as I was mostly reading about vampires and werewolves at the time. But that shows how amazing the book truly was. It was a game-change for me, and an introduction to historical fiction for me. I’ve loved Ruta’s writing and the way she talks about long-ago (usually horrific) times as if she was THERE and when I crack the spine of her books I’m immediately transported.

“The Fountain of Silence” was no different. I was immediately transported to 1950s Spain after the Spanish civil war, and was able to take a look into the trying times of the people there and how it was affecting their culture. One line that really spoke to me was: “It’s difficult navigating two cultures. I feel like a bookmark wedged between two chapters.” And this line is so powerful because I feel like a lot of people at one point in their lives have felt this way. Even those who aren’t mixed may feel like depending on where they’re living, or where they go to school, or even what their parents expect from them, that they have to act like two different people.

And of course, there was an introduction to a romance that made me yearn for more.

I truly can’t wait for “The Fountains of Silence” to be published so I can dive back into the world and the culture.