Excited to read more of "The Fountains of Silence"

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I had not read any of Ruta Sepetys' works before but I'm very excited to read more of this! The cover is beautiful and would definitely encourage me to pick up this novel. I loved Sepetys' writing style, she was descriptive in terms of character actions and location, so it felt like watching this action happen in my mind! Ana wants to see the world but is in a constant state of tug-of-war with work, family, and societal standards. Daniel wants to be photo journalist, but his family wants him to take over the family business and pursue sports instead.
I absolutely love the descriptions of the city as well as the exposition interspersed between dialogue, I feel like it really puts you into 1957 Madrid. The changing POV keeps the story moving and introduces the reader to visitors and residents of Madrid alike.

Overall, this was an interesting and well written introduction to " The Fountains of Silence". During a difficult time in Spain's history, Sepetys' has introduced the reader to characters who've come from different paths but ultimately weave together to create this story. I'm really looking forward to reading more of this book!