Thrilling and suspenseful novel!

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This book is fast paced, and a great domestic thriller. It begins with the wife, Alice, and the trade guy she endured when she lost her husband. Along comes Nathan, and saves her from her grief and depression, giving her a new lease on life. Her best friend, Beth, also is there for her, and life could be nearly perfect... until it’s not...

This book has plenty of twists and turns. It really makes you question both Alice’s sanity, and then her relationships with both her deceased husband, her current husband and her best friend. It definitely works on the “unreliable narrator” angle, and thrives.

I loved this book and all the turns, really up until the end. The final twist was a little too much for me, and took a five star novel down to a four star novel for me. I’d still recommend it, and the author, to anyone as a great domestic suspense book that takes you out of reality. Recommend for sure!