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I had no idea how much I'd love this book and it honestly is my favorite thriller to date, falling along besides The Silent Patient and now Emma In The Night.

I never ever read a book (well at least I thought) that had this many messed up twists!
I was totally going insane reading this book. I literally gasped half the time (out-loud) because of some of the things that were slowly discovered. I seriously highly recommend this novel to all, especially thriller lovers!!!

April, a successful business mogul, a widow, and now again wife and a good mother to her kids meet Nathan her now husband who turns everything around for her after the death of her first husband Sam. April then meets Beth who instantly becomes someone who confides in which easily makes her April's, Best and only friend, because of their children who brought them together by being in the same school, as well as best friends themselves.

April and Beth confide in each other over the years about the past relationships of April's late husband Sam and Beth's unusual relationship with her daughter's mysterious father. What April doesn't know is that she and Beth are more compatible than she knows. And what Nathan on the other hand doesn't know either is that he already knows Beth and hasn't seen her in a very long time.

Eventually, Beth and April have a revelation which puts there relationship on the back burner with a lot to talk about and deal with at the wrong time. April just signed a deal of a lifetime for her company AT Designs to take off in Japan. While this was going on April was stuck in a position she never thought she'd be in where she'd have to pick between her best friend and husband.

I never saw what was coming and still can't believe the behavior in Nathan/Sam. It drives my mind wild to know what I now know. Fair to say this book was CRAZY. A must read for sure!!!!