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All I can say is WOW. I had so many theories while reading his book and none were what ended up happening.

Alice is a widow. She fell in love shortly after her husband Tom’s death. She’s been married to Nathan for 10 years. Her widow, Tom, was the perfect husband and father to Sophia, her first daughter. Nathan has a hard time measuring up to Tom, even 10 years after his death.

Alice finds an earring in Nathan’s car, wondering who’s it could possibly be. Is it a co-worker for their interior design firm? One of Sophia’s friends? A mistress?
Shortly after, Alice receives flowers that are definitely not addressed to her. But they are definitely from Nathan. She finds herself questioning everything about her marriage.

Her close friend, Beth, is there to help. Beth has a daughter who’s father abandoned them before she found out she was pregnant. Beth is the only close mom friend Alice has. Suspiciously, Beth has never been around to meet Nathan.

Alice begins wondering who Nathan could possibly be fooling around with. Is it Beth? Is this why she refuses to be around? Why is Nathan so secretive?
Alice finds out a secret about her deceased husband Tom that leaves her asking even more questions.

There’s many questions while reading this novel, but the answers will surely leave you on your toes. I had many theories while reading this, and absolutely joke were correct. I loved the mind game this thriller played with me. The ending is not what you expect.