I wanted to like it...

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I found it very lackluster. I was really bored with this "thriller".
And I use the word "thriller" lightly.
Every single tired note of that wasn't enough, about a third of the book is devoted to unnecessary and totally obvious backstory for Beth. I feel like half of this book was unnecessary and I really didn't care about Beth or any other characters. It was a very predictable "Thriller". I was bored the entire time reading and this. No plot twists! I never can see where my thrillers are going but this one was so easy to see from the start I knew it all!
Overwrought and obvious, The First Mistake is a paint-by-numbers cookie cutter thriller that thinks it's much cleverer than it is. (And is it just me, or has this book been padded with extra spacing to make the page count higher?)
I found Alice to be a simpering mess who was irritating the hell out of me. Certain plot points seemed totally unbelievable.