Can we ever truly know those around us?

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I'm not sure why I read some negative reviews about The First Mistake because I really liked it. The main character was difficult to connect with because she seemed whiny and weak; HOWEVER, that fit the story being told and made sense to me with the way the story line went. Alice is a widower who has remarried, has a really successful business, two daughters, and everything she could possibly want. When she meets Beth, they become best friends. Beth is jaded about relationships, but especially about Alice's after the man she loved just walked away from her with no explanation. And why is Nathan, Alice's husband, acting so shady? There were some decent twists and turns along the way. One of the bigger ones I had figured out, but that isn't a bad thing--it just makes me read the book faster to get to the ending! I have loved all of Sandie Jones' books and I cannot wait to read her next one!