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The Funniest Book I’ve Read

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I won a copy of The Extraordinaries through BookishFirst and also received an audio copy through, so I could share my thoughts on both with you!

Nate Bell is many things, but unfortunately he is not an Extraordinary. Extraordinaries have fantastical superpowers and special abilities, while all Nate’s got is ADHD, migraines, and a semi-popular fan-fic he’s writing about one of the most famous heroes in Nova City. He is obsessed with all things Extraordinary, especially those pertaining to his favorite hero (and the object of his daydreams), Shadow Star. After Nate is rescued by Shadow Star, he starts to feel like he might actually have a chance to make his romantic fanfiction a reality. To do this, Nate will have to become Extraordinary, no matter what it costs him. With the help of his friends, Nate believes that he can become the hero he’s always dreamed of being, but maybe sometimes being extra and ordinary is better than being Extraordinary!

You can get your copy of The Extraordinaries on July 14th from Tor Teen!

The Extraordinaries is quite possibly the funniest book I have ever read, which is not something I say lightly! Every interaction Nate has with his friends had me actually struggling to contain my laughter! The characters all felt so real to me, as they talked and acted just like my friends in real life. As a queer teen, I have found only a handful of books that really made me feel seen in the world; I am so excited to say that The Extraordinaries is one of them! TJ Klune captures the teasing camaraderie having friends that understand you can bring. He balances humor with difficult topics in a masterful way. I also adored how Michael Lesley embodies the characters’ voices in the audiobook version (I couldn’t stop smiling when I heard the voice he did for Pyro Storm)!

My Recommendation-
If you have been needing a genuinely hilarious and touching book to brighten your day, I cannot recommend The Extraordinaries enough! If you love superhero stories or books about teens just trying their best to find their way in the world, you should read this book!