So much wonderful!

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5 + Stars

This book was so much fun and why I just love love love TJ Klune! The humor in this book is just perfection, I laughed out loud and hard! Nick and his band of friends are just so very endearing and I love the super hero side of it!

Nick is a super hero fanboy to the max, he even writes fan fiction about The Extraordinaries in Nova City. He also plays out a bit of his teen fantasies in his fanfic, especially when it comes to Shadow Star. He also has himself convinced that he needs to become an Extraoridnary, and let me tell you that is some of the funniest stuff in this book. I don't want to admit to laugh, snort noises I made during some of those planning sessions. Moving on, he also has this great group of friends, and that includes Seth. His sweet, adorable bestie, who may end up being so much more. There is also his kind of ex-boyfriend and all the drama surrounding that.

I LOVED this book, the drama, the humor and the wonderful superhero-ness that it is. There is also so much heart in this book, yes it's funny but it also deals with Nick's ADHD, a sometimes difficult relationship with his dad due to his mom's death and friendships. It's amazing and wonderful and I loved their world, I want so much more of this amazing group!